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Q. What towns does L.R. Favreau Septic service? 
A. We service Ashburnham, Ashby, Ayer, Berlin, Bolton, Boxborough, Boylston, Clinton,
    Dunstable, Fitchburg, Groton, Harvard, Holden, Hubbardston, Lancaster, Leominster, Littleton,
    Lunenburg, Pepperell, Princeton, Rutland, Shirley, Sterling, Stow, Townsend, West Boylston and

Q. How often should I have my tank pumped?
A. Depending on personal usage and size of the tank the average household should be pumped  
    every two to five years or when solids in the tank reach 25%.  If you use a garbage disposal
    the tank should be pumped every year.

Q. Should I add a bacteria supplement to my septic tank?  
A. YES! With the increasing popularity of anti-bacterial soap, bleach and powerful cleaning agents
    the number of bacteria in the septic tank are decreased dramatically therefore they are not  
    able to breakdown the organic matter.

    L.R. Favreau Septic Service is a leading regional distributor of CCLS Septic Tank and Cesspool
    Treatment.  We recommend adding it to your tank via the toilet closest to the tank once per 
    month.  Spending a few dollars per month will save you thousands of dollars in replacement
    costs.  For more information contact Holly at 978-365-4300.

Q. Can you tell me exactly how much you pump out of my tank? 
A. YES!  Our trucks are equipped with a digital gauge on the pump that measures the exact
    number of gallons we pump out of your tank.

Q. I had my tank pumped out last week.  Is it possible that it's full already? 
A. Not only is it possible, it's neccessary.  Septic tanks are designed to operate full for proper
    water/solids seperation.

Q. Help!  My sinks and toilets are backing up into my house.   What do I do? 
A. Call our 24 Hour Emergency Line 508-612-4587.  Do not flush toilets, run faucets or do
    laundry until you contact L.R. Favreau Septic to analyze and fix the problem area. 

Q. What are the more unusual things you have found in a septic tank? 
A.  We find lots of small childrens toys that have been flushed down the toilet.  We have also
     removed a shovel and even a full size pick up truck!

Q. I do not know where my Septic System cover is.  Can you help me find it? 
A. YES!  If we have serviced your residence before we have a record of where it is located.  We can
     also contact the local Board of Health, the Title V report will state the location or we can flush 
     a magnetic transmitter down your toilet and locate it with our handheld receiver.  (Larry's
     helpful soldiers)

Q. I don't think my Septic System is working right.  How would I know? 
A. If the amount of wastewater entering the system is more that the system can handle, the
    wastewater backs up into the house or yard and creates a health hazard.  You can suspect a 
    system failure not only when a foul odor is emitted but also when partially treated wastewater 
    flows up to the ground surface.  By the time you can smell or see a problem, however, the 
    damage might already be done.  Call Favreau Septic Service immediately to discuss your options 
    and to have it inspected.

Q.What makes my system fail? 
A. A system that is not maintained (pumped) routinely.  A system installed in unsuitable soils can   
    fail.  Other failure risks include tanks that are inaccessible for maintenance, drain fields that are  
    paved or parked on, and tree roots or defective components that interfere with the treatment
    process.  Improper design or installation can contribute to failure if the drainfield is undersized,
    high seasonal groundwater table, undersized septic tank or if it is not watertight. 

Q. I think there is a blockage in my lines - how are you going to locate it and clear it?  
A.  We use various methods including snaking the system, underground camera inspection
     system, and/or flushable locators.  To clear the system we can snake the pipes or use high 
     power water pressure.

Q. What is a Title V Inspection? 
A. Title V of the State Environmental Code, 310 CMR 15.000, is a regulation that protects you and 
    your community.  Title V requires the proper sitting, construction, and maintenace of all on-site
    wastewater disposal systems.  On-site systems that are not properly located and maintained 
    can contribute pathogens and nutrients to surface and ground waters, endangering drinking
    water supplies, wildlife.  

    When you select Favreau Septic Service to perform a Title V Inspection we dig up the covers of 
    the septic tank, D-Box, and leach pits to inspect for proper function of the system. Inspections
    vary slightly depending on system components.  Call for a price quote today!
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