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We are pleased to offer you the following professional services.

Septic Systems Installation 
L.R. Favreau Septic is licensed to install your Septic Systems including JET BAT systems, PRESBY Systems, INFILTRATOR Systems, and any system engineered for you needs. We will review your individual needs and assist you in selecting the proper system for you based on your usage requirements. 

L.R. Favreau Septic provides FREE QUOTES!  Call today to schedule a consultation. 

Septic System Repairs/Improvements  
L.R. Favreau Septic will thoroughly inspect your system and inform you of required repairs and suggest possible improvements.  We may be able to repair a system saving hundreds and possibly thousands of dollars in replacement costs.. 

Improvements include installing a riser to raise the depth of  your cover to decrease or possibly eliminate digging the cover for each pumping.

                                                   Your property is important to us! 

Bacteria Supplements 
L.R. Favreau Septic Service endorses CCLS Septic Tank and Cesspool Treatment.  We recommend adding it to your tank via the toilet once per month. 

With the increasing popularity of anti-bacterial soap, bleach and powerful cleaning agents the number of bacteria in the septic tank are decreased dramatically therefore they are not able to breakdown the organic matter.

CCLS is formulated from naturally-occurring organisms. It is non-toxic, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-combustible. It emits no odors or harmful fumes. CCLS contains no acids, caustics, chloride, or volatile organic compounds. CCLS is biodegradable, is safe for environment, and is completely safe to store and use in the home when used according to directions.

For further information call L. R. Favreau Septic or click CCLS

Title V Inspections
Larry Favreau and Holly Favreau Shaw are state licensed Title V Inspectors, with many years experience.  They will guide you through the process, perform your inspection, and provide recommendations based on the findings.  We are often complimented on our prompt service both preforming the inspection and producing the Official Title V Inspection Report.
                                               Our equipment minimizes damage to your property.
Your septic tank should be pumped every 2 to 3 years depending on your usage. 

With every septic tank cleaning L. R. Favreau Septic provides a free septic tank inspection.  The inspection includes ensuring that all tank components (baffles, T's, etc.) are intact and that there are no cracks/deterioration in the septic tank.  This inspection is for the benifit of the homeowner, there is no obligation to repair using Favreau Septic Service. We strive to educate our customers and prevent a costly septic failure in the future. 

L. R. Favreau Septic Service provides:
    Emergency Service - 24 hours - Call 508-612-4734
    Residential Pumping
    Grease Trap Pumping
    Commercial Pumping
    Municipality Pumping and more.

L.R. Favreau Septic Service has a 9000 gallon trailer for your large commercial needs.

Camera Pipe Inspections 
Let our high-tech camera get to the root of your problem. Our underground pipe camera can help you find the exact location and depth of your pipes and any blockages in a time saving cost effective manner, without digging up or damaging your yard.

Maintenace Programs for your Existing System 
L. R. Favreau Septic Service provides Maintenace Programs for your septic system.  Call for details.

Included in every septic service we perform:
 Septic tank and visible components inspection providing you with recommendations if needed
 Maintain a record of the location of your septic system cover
 Send reminders about future septic services based on current usage
 Newsletters via e-mail

Power Snake and Jetter Service

L.R. Favreau drain snakes will bend around most pipes and clear most blockages in your septic system.  For those blockages that can not be unclogged or accessed by a power snake we offer a Jetter Service that reaches 2000psi of water providing high power washing of your tank and lines.

Sewer & Water Line Tie-Ins, Repairs and Replacement 
L.R. Favreau Septic will contact the town to coordinate with the town/city connection to sewer.  L.R. Favreau Septic will bring your sewer service from your foundation to your property line.  Call today for a FREE ESTIMATE.

Please call for free quotes or to answer any question you may have. (978) 365-4300

Excavation Services 
L. R. Favreau Septic provides a multitude of excavation services to residential, commercial and industrial clients.  We encourage environmentally friendly solutions to customers. 

We manage all phases of site work, foundation development including basements, footing site prep, drainage problems, and large commercial projects.  We also handle the installation of new roads and driveways.

Our demolition crews and equipment can flatten the structure(s) -- houses, mobile homes, commercial buildings, etc. - like it was never there.  

Our cleanup is thorough, and we completely dig out pipes, conduit, foundation and other underground items that might otherwise be left behind and interfere with plans for the property.

Our finish work includes basic landscaping, such as rock walls, loam, seeding and mulching.

Lawn Installation 
L. R. Favreau Septic will prepare the soil including removing all debris, rocks, weeds and break up any dirt clods.  We will add soil if needed to retain moisture and nutrients.  We will prepare all areas for seed, sod, artificial grass, etc.


L.R. Favreau Septic can correct any drainage problem you have on your property; we can install underground drains, tie your gutter down spouts into the new drain or existing drains.  For some properties it is more cost effective to install a drain rather then regrade the area affected.  We will move water to the street or proper drain area via surface and subsurface drainage network.

Site Work  
L.R. Favreau Septic has all the necessary resources in terms of operators, equipment  and expertise to handle all aspects of site work development including clearing, demolition, excavation, earthwork, filling, stabilizing, subgrade, rough grading, final grading, swale grading, sloping and grassing.  Through proper job planning, scheduling and execution L.R. Favreau Septic will do the groundwork to prepare your site for the final usage. 






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